Monday, June 29, 2009

What Happened to Monday's Entry?

After such a great last couple of weeks I felt terrible about not getting Monday's entry out until 10pm. Each weekend I like to take the family out to a new location or three, and take as many photos as possible. Then, throughout the week, I'll organize them into separate entries and post them. Well, unfortunately, I smashed my toe up pretty bad early Saturday, which made walking around anywhere pretty much a wash that day. Sunday was already spoken for, so when Monday rolled around, I literally had not a single photo of my own to post. I figured, eh, I'll just do one of those stream of consciousness things, maybe type something up during the slow time at work. That's when I found out about the ant infestation at my desk.

Anyway, point being, we didn't get out to get any photos until tonight. So bear with me. I'll try and have Tuesday's entry up much earlier than today's, and by Wednesday we should be back on the usual 7:00 AM posting schedule again.

As for what this photo is, if anyone could tell me, I'd be curious to know. We just call them "Road Spiders" cause they always seem to be beside roads, look kinda like spiders. But some of them have those four oil barrels on the pillars, some don't, and their use isn't entirely clear, though I strongly suspect it has something to do with paving roads with tar or something.

This week I'll be focusing on points of interest in the local Mid-Cities area.

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