Friday, July 3, 2009

Italian Architecture (Part II)

Today we explore Part II of Italian Architecture. My hand is still pretty badly burnt, so once again, my commentary will be rather spartan. Hopefully by Monday it'll be healed enough to type out more than just a few lines here and there.

This probably should have been in yesterday's post, but I certainly couldn't leave it out.

No, it's not the Arc de Triomphe, it's the Arch of Titus. Thanks to Napoleon "Lookie-What-I-Did" Bonaparte, this poor arch always gets the shaft. The Arch of Titus is the penultimate arch, on which almost all other triumphal arches were based.

I love the thin line between the Old World...and the Even Older World in this photo.

Just a bit of trivia: having a pigeon crap on you is considered good luck in Italy. These people are about to be positively drenched in "luck".

Honestly, though, I think that's a fantastic choice of how to view an otherwise embarrassing event. Imagine getting dressed up in your finest suit, about to give the most important presentation of your career in front of your bosses, their bosses, and every important client you will ever have, and seconds before you walk in the door, you get covered in pigeon crap. You open the door, and there they all are, staring right at you.

"Jeez, Tony, what happened? Did pigeons crap all over your suit???"
"Errr... Yes. Yes they did."
"You lucky bastard!"

That wraps up our Italian Architecture Spread. Stay tuned for Part III, which will happen shortly after the next time we get to go to Italy (so you might need some ice skates at the time). I'll see you all on Monday with a brand new entry.

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  1. Amazing lines, state of the art architecture. Great Photos :)


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